Meme Austin



Meme paints in an expressionist style looking for the spirit, the journey, the passing of time. Simply the day to day stories in her life. She sketches and works out the scene, drawing attention to the moment in time. Connecting and working between representation and abstraction. It’s a balancing act and she works the heavily loaded brushes with energy. She is suggestive and powerful, transposing her journal into paint. 


Working in charcoals Meme sorts out the essential and the results speak for themselves.  Fluid, fleeting and quickly settled like a confession finally placed on paper.  


Working from events past and present  Meme also creates concept drawings and story boards for mobile games.   Developers are given imaginative and inspiring digital drawings for the mobile games industry.  The emphasis always being on enjoyment of the experience, they are proving to have a very positive pleasurable impact in meduction, coupon marketing and endorsement features. 

Inspired by the work of Hockney, Meme also creates digital art for the greeting cards industry.


Loughborough University BA Hons FineArt
Fellow of Royal Geographic Society 
Expedition Artist


Saatchi Online

Bedford School 

Eagle Gallery, Bedford, UK

NEAC Mall Galleries, London

Angel, Islington, London

Summer exhibitions, Russell Gallery, London

Leicester City Gallery

Hawke Gallery, Sydney, Australia

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